A Short Film by Hakym Noh

Her loved ones have died tragically. The shock and grief makes her retreat from reality. In her mind, this harrowing event never took place and instead, she hopes to seek happiness. She escapes into a world that exists in her imagination and finds her way towards her own disappearance. Beyond the dreams and fantasies, the film depicts a world of alternative existence reflecting the overwhelming confusion and grief that leads to her eventual release.

Julivana Mohd
Reeko Kong
Joel Yeo
Shahidil Habil

Written and Directed by Hakym Noh
Produced by Floris Choong
Cinematographer Ryo Khoo
Editor Hakym Noh + Ryo Khoo
Art Director Chan Zixin
Sound Designer Reizuan Rosli
Production Supervisor Zahiah Jumat + Nic Chu

"There Is A Way" + "1994"
by Amberhaze
KittyWu Records

A Kid Klimax Productions © 2010